All over the world!

Nashville, TN

Los Angeles Man Murders Australian Backpacker For Snoring

Thanks to my dedication to Zen meditation, I was able to avoid a murder rap.  But come on dude, if your Adenoids are that fucked up, have some surgery before you take a group room in a boarding house.

I’ve had one hell of a time in Nashville.   I lost my virginity and my pride watching and listening to some insanely talented musicians playing on Broadway.  My man on the scene, Christopher Walken,  got an eye opening interview with the reverend Jesse Lee Jones at Robert’s Western World.  I was welcomed onstage at the Grand Ol Opry to see Elizabeth Cook perform at the history venue.  Nashville is so rad, I think I wanna buy a shotgun and find a wife.

Speaking of which, my new girl friend Benita Hill took me under her wing.  We wrote a few new jams including the theme song to NightBus Radio, Baller’s Ballin.  She showed me the town, she showed me the ropes, and she showed me where to buy organic vegetables!  Gotta say thanks to her son Robert for video taping, driving, and being a legendary bad ass.

Spend a few afternoons jamming with Marcus Hummond on the historic Music Row!  Marcus had the genius idea of writing a song called Nightbus.  Look for it in the Nashville episode.

I’d also like to thank my old friend from Thousand Oaks, CA, David Axelrod, for taking me for ice cream and giving me a warm welcome to Nashvile.  We had a good time rocking out in his living room with an 8 ball of cornstarch and bucket of chitlins.

My first thought when I see a group of dudes from Denmark wearing cowboy hats is to leave the East Village in NYC, but in Nashville anything is possible. I hope the dudes from Workers In Songs made it back to Europe in one piece.  We spent a long evening jamming behind a dumpster with a homeless man called Cowboy and passing the bottle around.  Hey, thanks for the cold sores!



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